Here, the customer truly is king. Whatever space you are looking to furnish, Simone Huber Home can help to create beautiful, quirky interior pieces that are made to last.

Whether you love the designs of the Night in London collection and want it adapted to a particular chair or window dressing, like the style of the Lady and Gentleman appliqued furnishings or would like to get something designed completely from scratch to fit your space, get in touch.

Every aspect of the design and making process is bespoke and each item is handcrafted in the London studio. Fabrics are designed and made to fit a specific piece of furniture or window to achieve a perfect fit and create a big impact. All blinds and curtains are handsewn using linings and interlinings of the best quality. For chairs, each piece is upholstered to stay true to its origin, using traditional techniques and materials including horse hair, coconut fibre and linen scrim for pre-1950s pieces and modern techniques and materials when the nature of the piece demands it. This is to ensure the integrity of the pieces as well as to create furniture and furnishings of the best possible quality.