Simone Huber Home was set up by Simone Huber in 2011 to follow her dream of designing and producing beautiful handcrafted pieces of furniture and furnishings for the home that people can treasure for years to come. Simone is passionate about preserving old craft skills and giving them a role in the contemporary setting. This starts with traditional upholstery techniques and and sewing skills and extends to the use of decorative crafts, including applique, embroidery, marquetry and drawing.

From her studio in South East London, Simone takes joy in being responsible for the entire design and production process of each piece, be it a bespoke commission for a chair, curtains or blinds or adding a new piece to her own furnishing range. Her first textile collection, ‘Night in London’, is a homage to the Roaring 20s and highlights her way of taking inspiration from the past and adding a fresh twist.

For the aspects of work she is unable to complete herself, she works together with local craftspeople and small UK companies. For example, her stool frames are produced by the talented London-based furniture maker Tom Bruce, while her textiles are printed by two friendly companies in the North West of England.

Simone learned her craft at London Metropolitan University, where she received training in traditional and modern upholstery to advanced level and honed her soft furnishing skills. She also achieved level one and two City & Guilds qualifications in cabinet making. The love for craft was instilled in her from a very young age by her family back in Austria, especially her grandmother, a former seamstress, and her mother and aunts, who got her knitting, sewing, drawing and stitching from the age of three.